Recount filed after Monmouth County voting machine error could change BOE election results

Voting machines issues impacted four towns in Monmouth County including Tinton Falls, Belmar, Fair Haven and Ocean Township during the general election in November.
The election software company that was used for this election is calling this a result of human error dating back to July of last year. The company says vendor software was reinstalled in July after issues with slow performance in the internal network.
Due to human error at that time, the step that ensures the system doesn’t double count was missed, causing votes to be counted twice. There were inaccurate vote tallies in six of Monmouth County’s 466 districts. The recount was filed Friday after the polling miscalculations.
If that recount follows through, it could change the results of the Ocean Township Board of Education election, which was very close.
Steve Clayton, the Ocean Township Board of Education member who was up against Jeff Weinstein in the election, says it’s frustrating for everyone involved.
“I am glad they acknowledged the problem, and it looks like now it's going toward a recount and it's something that desperately needs to be done in order to restore voter confidence when it's at an all-time low,” Clayton said.
The counts impacted each of the final tallies in the borough. In Belmar, 311 additional votes were counted in its mayoral race. Regardless, most outcomes are unlikely to change.
The election software used is a product utilized in municipalities across the country, but they claim the error was only isolated to Monmouth County.
It’s currently not known when the recount will take place.