Monmouth County offers tips to keep your vehicles safe as thefts are on the rise

Vehicle thefts are on the rise after years of decreases, and law enforcement agencies in New Jersey report a 31% rise in thefts. Monmouth County is offering tips to keep your vehicles where they belong.
Last month, Jennifer Aydin from "Real Housewives of New Jersey" set social media on fire when she posted a video of her husband's Ferrari being stolen from their garage in Bergen County. In Monmouth County, leaders are calling for stricter penalties not just for thefts of luxury cars, but for all vehicles.
Here are some ideas:
Close the windows. Activate the emergency brake. Turn off the car's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features.
Exit the car and lock the vehicle.
You can also equip your vehicle with theft protection devices. Some are inexpensive tools that prevent the car from moving, such as steering wheel locks, brake and clutch locks and wheel clamps.
You can also take your vehicle's security even further with electronic devices such as kill switches or GPS trackers. Some vehicles also come with additional security features like four-digit access codes.
Officials also remind you to be aware of where you park. Avoid lots with poor lighting or thin alleyways.