Monmouth County cancels vaccine appointments for Monday due to continued delay in deliveries

Monmouth County officials announced that the county will not be able to give out more COVID-19 vaccinations on Monday.
Officials say they are still waiting for more doses to be delivered, which have been delayed since last week because of the weather.
County officials reminded residents that a second dose can be administered any time between 28 and 42 days after the first shot.
Tom Arnone, the director of the Monmouth County Board of County Commissioners, says the delay has affected roughly 4,000 people who were schedule to get their second and first doses.
He says it is likely the county will receive their 2,500 doses that were allocated for last week by Tuesday. This will allow the county to get their second doses back on track as well as some first doses rescheduled.
However, Arnone says he's hoping the additional 2,500 that was allocated for this week will also be delivered and the county will be completely caught up by next week.
Arnone says he and his commissioners are planning to lobby "very hard" on Monday with the state and federal governments to make sure the county gets all its doses this week.