Monday’s nor’easter causes significant beach erosion in North Wildwood

A Cape May County beach town is assessing the damage Monday night’s storm did to its beach.

News 12 Staff

Apr 19, 2022, 8:57 PM

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A Cape May County beach town is assessing the damage Monday night’s storm did to its beach.
North Wildwood officials say that the bad weather caused a lot of beach erosion for their community.
“It’s neat to see. It’s always kind of neat to see how the ocean changes every year,” says Corinne Boettger, of Cherry Hill.
Many came out to see the damage. Others, like 15-year-old Jack Beliisaro, came out to check out the waves.
“It was crazy because this is one of the first times that I went out by myself. I usually go out with a friend. But it was fun today,” the teen says.
But Monday night’s nor’easter swept away mounds of stockpiled sand.
“We saw significant dune scarping. Stockpile scarping, significant loss of material between Second and 26th Avenue,” says Ronald Simone, the North Wildwood business administrator.
Simone says that the storm caused mild flooding in certain areas of the back bay. He says no homes were damaged, but that the beach replenishment stockpile was hit hard.
“Our engineer’s estimates right now are between 20% and 30% of what we had already stockpiled, so that’s pretty significant,” Simone says.
Officials say that they are in the process of figuring out how much money it will cost them to replace the sand that was lost. But they say that it won’t slow them down from being ready for Memorial Day weekend.
“There will certainly be a cost at the city we’ll have to insure due to the damages. As always, when we have emergency situations like last night’s storm, we hope that there’s a federal disaster declaration and enough damages occurred statewide to hit that threshold,” says Simone.
Officials are asking residents to stay away from certain areas of the beach while the replenishment continues.
"Most of our beach entrances will be closed and we advise all of our residence and property owners and visitors, that if they do want to come down to the beach during the week, please go visit the inlet beach north of 2nd Avenue,” Simone says.

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