Temps cool into low-50s overnight, tracking rainy weekend weather

New Jersey is expected to see a cloudy but dry Friday before experiencing a rainy weekend.
Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that while Hurricane Ian won’t severely impact the Garden State, remnants from the storm will bring some wet weather.
WHAT’S NEXT: This weekend will see rainy weather, which could be heavy at times. The weather is related to Hurricane Ian. New Jersey is not expected to see widespread flooding or damage. Forecasters say that the rain will mostly impact the southern half of the state. The rainy weather should last into Monday.
OVERNIGHT: Cloudy skies with overnight lows dipping into the upper-40s and low-50s.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy skies but dry conditions. Daytime highs around 67 degrees. Overnight lows around 56.
SATURDAY: Rainy weather expected Saturday morning, passes by the afternoon. Daytime highs in the low-60s. Overnight lows around 55.
SUNDAY: More rain expected. Daytime highs around 65 degrees. Overnight lows around 50.
COMING UP: Clouds and some rain possible Monday and Tuesday. Sunshine partially returns by the middle of the week, along with slightly warmer temperatures in the 70s.