Missing R from iconic ‘Seasons Greetings’ sign sparks search near Rockaway River

Season's G*eetings? What happened to the R? It apparently fell into the Rockaway River.
Rockaway's iconic "Season's Greetings" sign that is strung over the falls near the Main Street Bridge returned last week for the first time in 12 years - but then the storm came.
"We lost the "R." It dropped into the water. My mission now is to find that R," said Wendy Natale.
Wendy's husband Angelo designed a pulley cable system to replace the old wires lost during Hurricane Irene in 2011. Last week News 12 featured the return of the traditional sign as part of “Jersey Proud.” Since the R fell, the town removed the rest of the letters. Wendy says that the wooden consonant is likely somewhere between Rockaway and Boonton.
"It's such a big piece. I think it got lodged into a bush and I think if the public knows that the town of Rockaway is looking for this they'll return it to us," added Natale.
Ann Marie Arico owns the Riverside Shoppe coffee house which overlooked the sign.
"It brought up great memories and also a lot of our customers made nice comments about it because it brought up memories for everybody," said Arico.
Natale says if anybody happens to come across the errant letter, please drop it off at the Rockaway police station. Their goal is to have the sign with a replacement letter back up before Christmas Eve if the town gives them the OK.