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Metuchen residents pitch in to aid fire victims

Two people were hospitalized and more than 20 were left without a home.

Tom Krosnowski

Jun 10, 2024, 2:35 AM

Updated 10 days ago


Redfield Village residents say the Borough of Metuchen is stepping in to help the victims of Saturday morning’s apartment fire.
Two people were hospitalized and more than 20 were left without a home.
“It Takes a Borough” is known as Metuchen’s homegrown nonprofit. It serves as a general fund for situations like Saturday’s fire.
“They left their houses. They need shirts, they need clothes,” said board member John Mindler. “That's an immediate need. These families are going to have needs well into the future that we're going to try and help with financially.”
“How they will still get to work, they may have lived close by,” said Metuchen Mayor Jonathan Busch. “Some of them didn't have cars, some of them have children, they still need to get to school.”
In just over a day, It Takes a Borough raised more than $15,000.
“All of the money goes to supporting the families impacted by tragedy,” Busch said.
“There's not always renter's insurance involved there, and we hope to be able to offset some of that,” Mindler said.
Back at Redfield Village, no one is allowed into their former homes. People’s possessions remained strewn about as of Sunday night.
A town tradition has now taken on added importance.
“Sunday’s going to be amazing,” Busch said. “At the high school, we have the FUCE 5K, which is a race that we run annually. It’s through It Takes a Borough, and again, all of the money will go to families in need who are struck by tragedy.”
“If something’s wrong, you can turn to your left or your right and somebody’s going to help,” Mindler said. “This is on a grander scale.”
Affected families have been given hotel rooms. It’s still unknown if any part of the apartment building may be safe to eventually return to.
“At this point, it’s still new to all of us,” said resident Terry Davis. “I thank the borough. I thank the mayor. I thank the chief of police. It’s been great, they are really, really supportive.”

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