Meteorologists reporting abnormally mild winter weather across the state

Meteorologists say it’s been an unusually snowless winter for the state so far.

News 12 Staff

Jan 28, 2020, 11:47 PM

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Meteorologists say it’s been an unusually snowless winter for the state so far.
Every reporting station in the region has recorded below-normal snowfall for the season. Some meteorologists say at this point in the winter, there’s over a 90% chance that the numbers will stay below normal.
“In the case of January, we've had a pattern that was favorable for mild weather,” says Dr. Anthony Broccoli, of Rutgers Climate Sciences. “Here in Central New Jersey, we haven't even had 4 inches of snow yet this winter.”
However, the news of the abnormally low snow coverage isn’t good news for everyone.

Jeff Locha plows snow for a living in the winter and says that a slow season can make it impossible to cover insurance and maintenance costs that come with owning a plow. He says it costs around $6,000 just to insure one plow for the season, and there's no way to make that money back in a mild winter.

Dr. Broccoli says it’s still too early to say there won’t be at least one snowstorm within the next few months.
“Some of the indications for February are that it might be a colder month, if it's colder that means more chances to get snow,” says Dr. Broccoli. “In the last few years we've had some significant snow storms in March as well, so I think it's too early to say that we won't get a big snowstorm this winter.”
According to reports, March has been the snowiest month of the year for New Jersey over the past 3 years.

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