McChicken? 2 chickens go looking for adventure at New Jersey McDonald’s

Two chickens looking for some adventure escaped from Country Fresh Farms in Hampton and decided to mess around with customers at a McDonald’s in Washington Township.
Earlier this week, the dynamic duo of Henrietta and Mae Mae were found scaring customers at the McDonald’s on Route 31.
Farm owner Shari Bylicki’s son was delivering a load of hay from the farm when the chickens jumped on the flatbed. The two then road down Asbury Anderson Road and jumped off at some point.
Washington Township police alerted animal control. Robert Lagonera, of Washington Township Animal Control, chased the chickens around for a bit before he was able to corral them.
“I start chasing around the chicken in the parking lot,” says Lagonera. “Eventually I chased it in the bushes and dived on it.”
The chickens running around wild comes on the same week that McDonald’s announced it will be selling three new chicken sandwiches.