Mayor: Linden high school football player injured during game dies from injuries

The city of Linden is mourning the loss of a high school student who died from injuries he sustained on the football field.
Xavier McClain was a sophomore at Linden High School. He was playing in a game on Sept. 9 when he was injured.
Linden Mayor Derek Armstead was there.
“All of a sudden there was a child down. I had no idea who the child was at the time, but I knew it was quite serious,” Armstead says.
McClain suffered a traumatic brain injury during the game against Woodbridge.
The mayor says that the teen’s parents were not at the game. He says it was his wife who informed the family.
McClain remained in a coma for nearly two weeks at University Hospital.
Armstead put a call out to residents on Facebook for prayers. McClain succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday.
Armstead says that McClain was a good athlete and a good person.
“He was a good kid… He always spoke to me in a respectful way,” Armstead says.
The Linden School District issued a statement saying they're deeply saddened by the tragic death, and they will continue to offer prayers and support to the family. Counseling is being offered to the school community.