Marlboro mayor to introduce ordinance penalizing car theft to town council

Mayor John Hornik is planning to introduce an ordinance discouraging car theft attempts to the town council.
The ordinance would cost $1,000 for every attempt a would-be car thief makes.
"I don't know what they're getting paid to try and steal cars, but if I'm going to fine them more than they're getting paid, maybe they will go away,” he said. "Thousand dollars a touch. If we catch you, it's a thousand a touch."
Car thefts are a major concern in most New Jersey towns.
Mayor Hornik hopes if the ordinance is passed, it will discourage the crime.
"I think there is no consequence for attempting to steal a car in this state, and I'm trying to make a consequence,” he said. "I'm hopeful that other towns get the message, because the more towns that have this ordinance in place, the more arrest warrants are going to be issued and the more the criminals are going to be taken off the streets."
The lack of consequences for car theft is a serious issue, according to the mayor.
"There were 31 arrests in Marlboro this year, only five were incarcerated to the county. The rest were released,” he said.
If the Town Council approves the ordinance on Nov. 10, it should be in effect by the end of this year.
The mayor says the public still needs to help by always locking their car doors and taking key fobs with them.