Marina businesses frustrated after fuel spill clears out customers

A huge fuel spill has left some Middlesex County marinas a virtual ghost town.
The incident happened Thursday at Arthur Kill Waterway in Port Reading. One barge was involved in the spill, but has since been contained.
Crews are hoping to remove the fuel by Wednesday, but that's not quite soon enough for some business owners.
"We're completely dead today," said Jonathan Schmalenberger of The Dock Side Bait and Tackle Shop. "It's just a disaster."
Richard Woerner and his family have owned the Cliffside Marina for over 60 years. With several oil refineries surrounding the waterway, Woerner has seen his fair share of spills, but not in recent years.
The marina was devastated by Superstorm Sandy, but bounced back. Woerner and other businesses owners are hoping the same will happen this time around.
All fuel transfers are temporarily suspended until investigators can determine the cause of the spill. In the meantime, business owners are hoping those at the Buckeye Terminal in Port Reading will assess their properties in an effort to compensate them for their losses.