Man fined $508 for throwing beer at comedian at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club

A video of a man throwing a full can of beer at a comedian on stage in Point Pleasant Beach went viral last fall. This week, the person who threw that can pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
Comedian Ariel Elias was performing at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club last fall. She and an audience member sparred over politics. This is when Tyler Fischer threw the can at Elias.
Elias never missed a beat and chugged the beer, which missed her head by just inches.
“Thank God no one got hurt that night. It wasn’t a good situation by any means,” says Uncle Vinnie’s owner Dino Ibelli.
Fischer was fined $508 and has been banned from the club.
“He was actually quiet, and all of a sudden you heard a ‘pop’ against the brick wall. I seen him running out the door. I just make sure everybody was OK,” Ibelli says.
Besides losing club access, Fischer may have lost some friends from this stunt, according to a handwritten letter sent to Uncle Vinnie's. The letter reads in part, "That poor comic could have been in the hospital in a coma. Disgusting behavior. We will never hang with them again."
“We got a bunch of anonymous letters in the mail. One really hit me hard. It was like, ‘We were there that night with him. We will never go out with him again.’ They gave me his name, his address,” Ibelli says.
Ibelli says that Fischer’s fine and club ban aren’t enough of a punishment because of what could have happened. He says he wants Fischer banned from all businesses in town.
News 12 New Jersey has reached out to Fischer and his attorney for comment but did not hear back. News 12 also tried to contact Elias for her reaction but did not hear back.