Man accused of shooting mother on Route 33 appears in court

The man suspected of killing a young mother while she drove along Route 33 appeared in court Tuesday.
The hearing held Tuesday was supposed to determine if Kader Mustafa should remain in jail without bail while awaiting his trial. But the hearing was postponed while Mustafa’s attorney reviewed the evidence.
Mustafa is accused of fatally shooting Sciasia Calhoun, 24, from his moving car last month. Calhoun’s boyfriend and baby were inside the vehicle at the time. Calhoun was driving.
Calhoun’s father spoke to reporters after the hearing.
“It just happened out of nowhere. It’s like the guy just picked somebody to kill, and it had to be one of mine,” Freddie Woods says. “I can’t really explain it…I’m not going to sit here and try to put words together because I can’t.”
Calhoun's boyfriend and baby were not injured in the shooting.
Mustafa is charged with murder and weapons offenses.