Mahwah settles lawsuit filed after state accused town of bigotry against Jews

A Bergen County town has agreed to repeal an ordinance that state officials said discriminated against Orthodox Jews and not enact another measure.
The moves announced Monday resolve a civil lawsuit the state Attorney General's Office filed against Mahwah last October.
The town had already repealed an ordinance that barred out-of-state residents from using its parks. But Mahwah officials agreed that repeal will remain in effect.
The town also won't adopt another ordinance that expands a ban on building religious boundaries made up of white plastic piping through town. It also will inform the attorney general's office in writing about any new ordinance proposals affecting use of parks, or signage on utility poles, for the next four years.
"Parks are not to be restricted from a certain class of protected people no matter who they are. I could never stop the Irish from coming here during a potato famine, Afro-Americans from renting housing units in the Bronx and I certainly am not going to go as far as to exclude residents or anyone from our parks based on where they come from,” said Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet.
The state also agreed to suspend a proposed $350,000 fine as long as the town doesn't violate the agreement.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.