Loved ones remember Paterson activist Najee Seabrooks at funeral service

Visitation and funeral services were held this morning for activist Najee Seabrooks, who was killed by police in Paterson earlier this month during a standoff.
Services were held at the Christian Fellowship Center.
Seabrooks was trained in violence intervention and worked for the Paterson Healing Collective. He called 911 on March 3 during an apparent mental health crisis.
It was just after noon when Seabrooks could be seen on a police body camera coming out of a bathroom he locked himself in while holding a knife in his hand. An officer can be heard yelling "drop it" right before two members of the Emergency Response Team -- identified as Officer Anzore Tsay and Officer Jose Hernandez -- opened fire, striking him.
The pastor at the Christian Fellowship Center called for the service to be powerful, yet peaceful. He's asked that everyone joins together with the Seabrooks family in love and unity.
“Najee is like family to me since he was born,” said Richard Alson, a close friend. “Great dude, phenomenal guy. No one has ever said anything bad about him…and his death isn’t going to go in vain.”
Officials believe the shooting was justified. An investigation is ongoing. Once completed, it will be presented to a grand jury to determine if any officers involved should be charged.
News 12 reported that racial justice advocates are calling for the United States Department of Justice to investigate the Paterson Police Department following the fatal shooting.
A letter sent Wednesday goes into the Paterson Police Department's pattern of illegal, abusive, and racially disparate policing - this is what a coalition of civil rights advocates are claiming.
The 13-page letter claims illegal searches, corrupt practice, lack of oversight and racial disparities in the force.
"A trend of widespread, unconstitutional Paterson Police Department misconduct is unmistakable – and has disproportionately impacted Black and Brown residents, depriving them of their civil rights...DOJ must intervene to bring about the kind of accountability that Mr. Seabrooks and his family, and others like them, deserve – along with the people of Paterson," the letter concludes.