Looking visit NYC for the holidays? Here are the NYC Office of Nightlife’s top 10 tips to celebrate safely.

The New York City Office of Nightlife shared some advice on how residents can enjoy their holiday season while staying safe.
1. Get vaccinated for COVID-19 and get your booster shots. Click here to see where you can get your vaccine.
2. Wear a mask that matches your festive outfit to wear when not eating and drinking.
3. Have a travel plan as for-hire vehicles and subways will be very busy. Try to travel with a friend.
4. If you are hiring a car, make sure to check the plate before you get inside.
5. Carry only necessary belongings, like your ID. Use a digital app to prove your vaccination status so you don't have to carry your card.
6. Make sure you are hydrated and eat plenty of food before going out.
7. Make sure to leave the house with a fully charged phone. Bring a wire and portable charger with you.
8. To help resolve any neighborhood disputes and get access to free mediation services, contact MEND NYC.
9. People who work in nightlife businesses can take advantage of the Nightlife Mental Health Initiative. All New Yorkers can call 1-888-NYC-WELL to reach behavioral health professionals.
10. Learn how to use Narcan, an overdose prevention spray, and fentanyl tests trips to see if fentanyl is present in cocaine or other substances. Venue owners should make sure staff is trained had have access to Narcan kits behind bars. More overdose prevention tips can be found here.