‘Looked like a sewer’: Discolored water from taps remains for certain Clifton residents; free bottled water given out

Some residents in Passaic County are picking up and using free bottled water as discolored water flows from their taps. 
The water continues to be discolored in some sections of Clifton, but it’s not a boil water issue or a lead issue -- it’s a cloudy water issue. 
Break it down by zones and two of the four zones have been cleared, according to Passaic Valley Water Commission officials. But until all areas are clear again, free bottled water will be available. 
“We started this yesterday,” says Jim Mueller, PVWC executive director. “Folks in the impacted areas can come by and get a case of water. We also have a voucher system where they can go to a local distributor to get some water there.”
A cluster of complaints began about a week and a half ago in parts of the town. About 5,000 households are affected with discolored water flowing from their taps. 
“Looked like a sewer,” says Rosario Imboco. “That’s no good. One time I was like whoa, and I looked at it and I put my hands out and I said whoa.”
Passaic Valley Water began flushing the affected zones, and that’s apparently helping so far. 
“We finished two zones and the reports were getting back from customers in those two zones, the water is now running clear,” says Mueller. “We still have two zones to go so we’re anticipating in the next three to five days that we’re going to be out there doing this flushing.”
For customers who are homebound, please call PVWC's Water Distribution Hotline at 862-304-6232 to request home delivery.