Left behind: NJ currently has no plan to vaccinate vulnerable patients too sick to leave home

New Jersey currently has 200 COVID-19 vaccination sites, including six mega-sites, but there are currently no systems in place to inoculate patients who are too sick to leave their homes.
Jon Bottone, 24, was born with a muscle disease and needs help eating and breathing. The coronavirus could kill him if he were to get infected.
“We basically lived like hermits the past year to avoid having John around many other people,” says mother Patty Bottone.
The Sussex County family stopped taking Bottone to physical therapy and he is behind about three months in changing out breathing equipment, which is normally done at a hospital.
Each year someone from the county comes to the Bottone home to give John his flu shot. So, his mother called as soon as the COVID-19 vaccine was approved, but was told that there are no plans to administer the vaccine at home.
Two months later and nothing has changed. A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Health tells News 12 that the reason for this is a lack of vaccine supply. In a statement, the spokesperson said, “As additional vaccines are approved for use and supply increases, mobile options to reach vulnerable populations will be incorporated in our distribution.”
But the Bottones say that it is clear that people like their son are being overlocked. The family says that they are willing to call an ambulance to bring their son to a local vaccination site, but said that the website wouldn’t work.
“The site crashed. Myself and my husband sat at the computer for about an hour and a half trying to refresh the page and get John an appointment and again, to no avail,” Patty Bottone says.
Sussex County Administrator Greg Poff could not provide an answer for a plan to help people like John Bottone.