Leave the Leaves! Not all leaves belong in bags. Here's why.

Not all leaves belong in bags, a few of these reasons could change your perspective. 

Hilda Estevez

Nov 7, 2023, 5:39 PM

Updated 259 days ago


Fall colors splash beautiful colors across our landscape but eventually they litter the surfaces by the end of the season. And fallen leaves everywhere can be good and bad, depending on the situation.
Actively falling leaves seem pleasant and Hallmark movie-like but the chore to remove could cause some headaches.
Yet, not all leaves belong in bags, a few reasons below could change your perspective. 
Reasons to clear the leaves:
  • Allow optimal water flow into drains and gutters, preventing flooding
  • Improves safety by reducing potential injury such as slip and fall on wet leaves
  • Maintains grass health, allowing excess moisture to escape
Leave the leaves benefits:
  • Provides free mulch and protection for garden beds
  • Reduces the need fertilizer while suppressing weeds, improving soil quality
  • Aids with water pollution by reducing phosphorus and waste
  • Improves water retention for drier garden areas
  • Provides essential winter habitats for butterflies and insects
  • Could save taxpayers funding towards municipal leaf collection and disposal

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