Lawmakers inundated with questions surrounding COVID-19 vaccine

Lawmakers in Connecticut say their offices are getting flooded with questions from constituents about all things having to do with the COVID-19 vaccine.
Sen. Tony Hwang brought together local leaders and officials from the governor's Vaccine Distribution Task Force for some answers.
One question that keeps coming up is how to register to get vaccinated.
"You can go to the state web page and enter your information there, click how you are qualified, and then the state will upload that group when you are qualified," says Fairfield Health Director Sands Cleary.
Health systems are adding clinic sites throughout the state. And if you're not tech-savvy, you can call 211.
The hope is that by mid-February, those 65 and up will start to get vaccinated.
People also had questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine against the new COVID-19 variant.
"It's definitely effective against the first one of these new strains that was identified, experiments are going on at the others," says Dr. James Hadler, of Yale School of Public Health.
Hwang says residents have been incredibly patient, but expectations must be managed since the vaccine supply does not meet the expanding demand.