Lady Edwina of Essex County makes her Groundhog Day prediction

Somehow, we put the fate of winter in the paws and claws of a rodent.
If the groundhog sees its shadow that means six more weeks of winter, and if the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, we get an early spring.
In New Jersey, the forecaster is Lady Edwina of Essex County, predicting from the Turtle Back Zoo.
There’s a little drama with the rodents as Lady Edwina replaced Essex Ed after retirement only a year ago. She is his younger cousin.
Unfortunately, this year is another year without Milltown Mel as the town could not secure a groundhog due to New Jersey State Laws and Regulations.
In 2021, Milltown Mel passed away a day before Groundhog Day and they haven't had a celebration since.
So the prediction is in… and Lady Edwina says: six more weeks of winter.
Punxsutawney Phil also saw his shadow this morning, predicting six more weeks of winter.