KIYC: What you should know about New Jersey’s Lemon Law

One of the most common complaints among car buyers is that they brought a car that just isn’t running correctly.
Those who might have an issue with a newly purchased vehicle may be able to get help under the Lemon Law. New Jersey has arguably one of the strongest Lemon Laws in the country.
The New Jersey Lemon Law covers buyers for up to two years or 24,000 miles – whichever comes first.
If there are three failed attempts to repair the same problem or if the vehicle is in the shop for a total of 20 days – a buyer may be entitled to compensation.
Some other things to keep in mind for the Lemon Law: The buyer will need to file a claim with the car manufacturer and not the car dealer. Claims can be filed through the state Division of Consumer Affairs, or an attorney can be hired.
If the buyer wins the case, the manufacturer must cover attorney fees. Consumer lawyers will often take these cases for free if they believe there is a good chance to win.
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