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Kearny restaurant gets new lease on life amid changing demographics

Kearny was once famous for fish and chips thanks to restaurants like The Thistle and The Argyle.

News 12 Staff

Jan 6, 2023, 2:19 AM

Updated 556 days ago


For most of my reporting career, if I was sent to the town of Kearny for a story, one glorious thought immediately came to mind - "I'm having fish and chips for lunch!"
Kearny was famous for the dish, thanks to restaurants like The Thistle and The Argyle, which opened to cater to the Scottish and Irish families who came to work in local mills in the first half of the 20th century. The version served in these places - fresh fish with a flakey crust - was far superior to most of the frozen fare served in diners and pubs.
But in January 2020, after years of demographic change, The Argyle closed. It was Kearny's last fish and chips restaurant.
But fear not. This is a story of rebirth. A new seafood restaurant opened in the same space a year ago. Casa de Ceviche serves up mountains of delicious lime-marinated seafood, soups and fried rice dishes from Peru.
On today's episode of "Brian's Positively New Jersey,” I talk with the former owner of The Argyle (whose family still operates the adjacent bagpipe and kilt shops Pipers Corner) and Casa de Ceviche owner Jose Garcia for a story about one restaurant which - like our neighborhoods and even America itself - is remade again and again.

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