Kearny launches banner program to remember, honor local war heroes for Memorial Day

To recognize and honor the sacrifices of veterans in Kearny, the town launched the Kearny Hometown Heroes banner program.

Amanda Eustice

May 27, 2024, 9:16 PM

Updated 17 days ago


Banner after banner line the main roads of Lyndhurst into North Arlington. They don't just showcase patriotism and pride but also showcase the faces of local veterans and those killed while serving the U.S. But their faces fade quickly when crossing over the Belleville Turnpike and heading into Kearny.
The town doesn't have banners that honor local veterans — at least not yet.
The town launched the Kearny Hometown Heroes banner program to recognize and honor the sacrifices of veterans in Kearny. Town officials, The Kearny Urban Enterprise Zone, American Legion Post 99, VFW Post 1302 and West Hudson Marine Core league are behind the effort.
"I think this was just so appropriate and I think that people don't want to forget and remember why we’re here and the freedom that we express and enjoy is because of those we lost, and those families are still hurting. There are many families in Kearny that have lost loved ones,” said Kearny Mayor Carol Jean Doyle.
"It's a token of appreciation for the family’s recognition, that the sacrifice, that the loved ones have made has not been in vein and they are remembered,” said Frank Acuna, of VFW Post 1302-Wilson and Gugelman.
Starting in the fall, the banners in North Arlington will be similar to the ones going up in Kearny. They will hang on light posts and feature the photographs, names and service details of local veterans and active military personal who live or have previously lived in the town.
"I'm excited about it. I've got many of my family members that have served. I've got six committed already from just my father's side alone. And I'm looking forward to seeing my uncles up on the pole,” said Len Twist, senior vice commander of American Legion Post 99.
Twist is hopeful the banners give people perspective on just how many local heroes are from Kearny.
"People are not aware of how many and there's who factories that have sacrificed individuals in different conflicts and we have a lot to be proud of and it's time we start to displaying it,” Twist said.
The banners cost $110 each. The last day to request one is July 31.

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