July starts off with sunny and warm weather; tracking some late storms for July 4

A pattern of sunny and warm weather will last through Wednesday. The chance of storms returns by Independence Day.

Dave Curren

Jul 1, 2024, 10:47 AM

Updated 21 days ago


We couldn't ask for a better way to start the month of July. Full of sun. Warm, but not too warm. No humidity. No storms. It was a little breezy, sure, but it was that wind that helped bring in delightful air from upstate New York and Canada.
This pattern will last through Wednesday, then things start getting “summery” - just in time for Independence day. The humidity returns, heat builds and there is a chance for late-day storms that could interfere with some fireworks displays that night.
From July 4 right through the weekend, conditions will be very warm (temps in the 90s) and humid. The second heat wave of the summer may be heading our way. Not as vicious as the first one but another five or six days straight with 90 degrees or above is in the forecast.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear skies with lows around 65 degrees..
TUESDAY: Plenty of sunshine with daytime highs around 84 degrees. Overnight lows dip to the mid-60s.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny with some scattered clouds. Daytime highs around 85 degrees. Overnight lows around 65.
THURSDAY: A mix of sun and clouds for the Fourth of July. Late-day storms are possible. Daytime highs around 91 with lows dipping to the 70s.
FRIDAY: Thunderstorms are possible as temperatures heat into the 90s. Overnight lows dip to around 73.

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