Judge clarifies ruling on New Jersey ballot design only limited to Democratic primary

The judge stated that the court declined "to extend the scope of its decision beyond the limitations of the present litigation."

News 12 Staff

Apr 1, 2024, 9:43 PM

Updated 23 days ago


A federal judge is clarifying a ruling he made regarding New Jersey’s ballot design.
U.S. District Judge Zahid Quraishi granted a preliminary injunction sought by Democratic Rep. Andy Kim and two other candidates in a ruling that applies to the June 4 primary. Kim claimed that the party or county line on the ballot is unconstitutional because it gives party-backed candidates preferential placement on the ballot.
That injunction bars the line on the June 4 ballot.
But Quraishi clarified over the weekend that "The preliminary injunction granted in this case is, and must be, limited to the 2024 Democratic Primary Election…this Court declines to extend the scope of its decision beyond the limitations of the present litigation.”
The judge added, “Nothing in this Court’s March 29, 2024 Order prevents the Republican Party and its leadership from appreciating this Court’s preliminary injunction and taking steps to amend the ballot system for its primary election similar to what this Court has ordered for the Democratic Primary.”
Some Republican candidates have suggested that they too would like to see the party line abolished, but it is unclear if the party will be doing this.

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