Jersey Proud: 2 Morristown plumbers go to Texas to help those impacted by winter weather

The ongoing situation in Texas following a bad winter storm has left many without drinking water for two weeks.
Two plumbers from Morristown have family in Houston and heard about the situation of freezing weather, bursting pipes and no running water.
Andrew Mitchell and Isaiah Pinnock got into their car and drove down to Texas to lend their services. They have been fixing pipes all week in an effort to get the water back on.
The pair has been at work 15 hours per day. There is such a need that they will likely be the state for at least another week or two. They say that they are happy to be making a difference.
“This last customer, she was very, very emotional that we could provide her with same-day service. Running water after two weeks,” says Pinnock. “It honestly warmed my entire soul.
The pair work at Mitchell’s Plumbing and Heading in Morris County.