Jersey City native, UConn coach Dan Hurley is 3rd coach from NJ to win Division 1 championship

Monday night’s game against San Diego State shows that Coach Dan Hurley hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

Matt Trapani and Nick Meidanis

Apr 5, 2023, 2:56 AM

Updated 468 days ago


A Jersey City native is the talk of the sports world. Dan Hurley led UConn to a national championship.
Many say that Hurley stays true to his roots. Hurley played ball in Jersey City with his older brother while their father watched. They played with guys like Jerry Walker, who says to survive the games, one had to be tough.
“Danny and them, they came down to my neighborhood often to play pickup ball in the local areas in the projects,” Walker says.
He says that Monday night’s game against San Diego State shows that Hurley hasn’t forgotten where he came from.
"Everybody's so proud of Danny. When he mentioned Jersey City three times, I was worried about the Connecticut folks. He mentioned Jersey City so much,” Walker says.
Hurley is known for sideline antics like yelling at referees and firing up the crowd.
"Presenting this image that's incredibly likable. I’m from Jersey City, this is how people from Jersey City act,” Hurley said.
And UCONN loves him for it. The campus was waiting to celebrate Tuesday night when the Huskies got home.
Hurley is the son of Hall of Fame high school coach Bob Hurley and the younger brother of Duke University legend Bobby Hurley.
Walker played with both Hurley boys and says this is finally Dan Hurley’s moment. He has something Bobby Hurley -- also a college coach -- is still chasing.
"Bobby definitely gotta get to that point for some bragging rights and I’m gonna make sure I’m gonna tell him that next time I see him.”
Hurley is now said to be just the third coach from New Jersey to win a Division 1 men's national championship.

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