‘It’s not unique to us’: Hoboken DPW crews clear away snow already on ground as more approaches

Many towns and cities across New Jersey, including Hoboken, are still trying to figure out what to do with all the snow already on the ground, as more snow approaches for tomorrow.
Hoboken has started its next phase of snow removal from its city streets. In the month of February alone, the town has seen almost 2 feet of snow.
“All cities are working hard to move snow and clear snow now, it’s not unique to us,” says Jennifer Gonzalez, Hoboken director of environmental services. “We just need to work thru it and it will take some time. “
Crews have been pushing it into massive piles that they are now removing from the streets with payloaders and dump trucks, and dumping in an area on the outskirts of town.
“As we plow parking lanes, we make piles of snow, so you lose two spots instead of 30 spots, and when we have the chance, we come back and move the piles,” says James Davis, general supervisor of the Hoboken DPW.
Other crews continue to plow parking lanes on side streets during their regularly scheduled street cleaning hours. 
Hoboken has already canceled street cleaning for tomorrow and Friday in anticipation of Thursday’s storm.