'It could really change things.' NJ farm owner voices support for making daylight saving time permanent

A decision may soon be made to end the practice of changing the clocks back and forth, and at least one local small business owner says it's time to stop messing with time.
The Senate on Tuesday voted to pass the Sunshine Protection Act, which would make daylight saving time permanent.
As the sun rises over Rich Giunco's Wemrock Orchards, the possibility of later sunsets year-round is now a reality, instead of just social media banter.
“If we had a little bit more sunlight, maybe we can get a little bit more productivity out of it the whole economy,” says Giunco.
Giunco sees his highest numbers in the fall and winter, and his theory is more afternoon light means more shoppers. 
The flipside to a permanent daylight saving time would mean later sunrises --for example, Dec. 15 would be 8:13 a.m.
If the House passes the bill and President Joe Biden signs it into law, it would not take effect until 2023 at the earliest.