State police: Intoxicated drivers are No. 1 cause of fatal crashes in NJ

Intoxicated drivers, whether drunk or high, are now the leading cause of fatal traffic crashes in New Jersey according to statistics released by the New Jersey State Police.
In 2021, 667 crashes killed 697 people, the highest since 2007. There were 210 fatal crashes involving intoxication which killed 228 people, according to police numbers. That is a 30% increase from 2020.
Cannabis was the most frequently found drug in a person’s system, according to police. However, that data may be inaccurate. Cannabis can be detectable for up to one month after use.
In 2021, crashes caused by distracted driving accounted for 194 fatalities. Distracted driving is defined as any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road. According to police, this used to be the top cause of fatal crashes in the state for the past decade.
There were also 217 fatal pedestrian crashes, the highest since 1989. Pedestrian deaths and speeding were the third and fourth highest cause of fatal crashes.