I-Team Investigates: Public Mind Poll

A new poll shows more New Jersey residents are in favor of deep budget cuts than any other solution to the state's massive debt.
A new Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind poll shows 49 percent of voters would opt for cuts if given the choice. Twenty-six percent said they favor the toll plan, and another eight percent would prefer a gas hike to solve the problem. Only 6 percent would rather pay higher income taxes.
The poll also asked participants who they think is to blame for the financial trouble. More than 40 percent chose governmental fraud and waste as the debts leading contributors. Another 18 percent blame the problem on pension costs for state workers.
Only 6 percent of those polled blame the debt on New Jersey containing too many small towns. That percentage could be bad news for Gov. Jon Corzine's proposal to consolidate small-town services.
Democrats, Republicans and Independents differed on many topics, but most agreed they expect property taxes to increase.