Hundreds of St. Peter’s alumni flock to Philadelphia to see Peacocks take on Purdue

Several hundred St. Peter’s University alumni arrived in Philadelphia early on Friday to watch their school’s basketball team play in the NCAA tournament.
They unpacked t-shirts with the words “Sweet History” across the chest, inflatable Peacocks, and tributes to players like Doug Edert.
Fans say that they never could have imagined that the small Jersey City school would make it all the way to the Sweet 16.
“I feel great. It’s going to be a super night,” says Gordon Lapinsky.
Lapinsky graduated in 1974. He arrived a full five hours before tipoff.
“That Kentucky game was awesome. It was the greatest,” he says.
Lapinski traveled every year to the MAAC Conference tournament when it was held in Albany. So he says the commute from his Cherry Hill home to Philadelphia was a breeze.
Some of the people in the crowd at the St. Peter’s alumni pregame reception came from a bit further away. People like Kinzey Reeves – a 7-foot tall man who played on the team and graduated in 2007. He says he smashed the glass on the frame holding his old jersey and flew in from his home in Fairbanks, Alaska.
“Just because it means so much to just witness this amazing run that St. Peter's is on. And it just makes a complete validation for all the hard work that previous teams have put in, just to see this team go this far and this deep. It's just beautiful to witness,” Reeves says.
And no matter how they performed on the court against Purdue, it is clear the team has brought home more pride and joy than they could ever imagine.
“Amazement - I think is the best word, because my school is now on the map. People know my school now, it's amazing. It's a great feeling. No one knew who we were and now everybody knows who we are,” says alum Rebecca Petti.