Hoboken awarded $250K to add more public electric vehicle charging stations

Additional electric vehicle charging stations are coming to New Jersey, thanks to a new grant from the federal government.
The city of Hoboken was awarded $250,000 to expand its public electric vehicle charging program. The funds will go toward installing DC fast charging stations. These stations can charge an electric vehicle from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes.
The grant is part of a large push to get more charging stations in Hoboken. The hope is that the availability and convenience will push more drivers towards electric vehicles. This is part of Hoboken’s climate action plan.
“Electric vehicle adoption is critical for fighting climate change. It’s critical for the city of Hoboken’s climate action plan,” says Ryan Sharp, director of the Hoboken Parking & Transportation Department. “Overall, electric vehicles are just cleaner, they are quieter and they are the future, so it’s important we install the infrastructure now so we can have that in place as demand surges over the next 10 years.”
Sen. Bob Menendez was in Hoboken for Monday’s announcement. He says the plan is to invest in clean energy across New Jersey.
Hoboken officials say that the hope is to have 25 charging stations across the city within the next two years. Each station will have two ports, so 50 cars can be charged at one time.