Doctor from Hillsdale charged in oxycodone scheme in Paterson; accused of writing approximately 425 prescriptions

A doctor in Passaic County is accused of giving out more than 400 prescriptions for oxycodone to people authorities say she never even examined.
Authorities say Lisa Ferraro, 65, of Hillsdale, wrote prescriptions for the opioid pain medication out of her facility in Paterson. She is charged with conspiring to distribute opioids without a legitimate medical reason.
Ferraro practiced internal medicine in Paterson from January 2020 to Aug. 23, 2023, according to documents filed in the case and statements made in court.
Ferraro typically wrote prescriptions for 90 pills of 30mg oxycodone each, which were typically split three ways among Ferraro, a conspirator who recruited the fake patients, and the fake patients themselves, according to the U.S. Attorney District of New Jersey.
Over the course of the conspiracy, Ferraro wrote approximately 425 prescriptions for 36,500 30 mg oxycodone pills. Authorities say there was one case where two people were in jail, but oxycodone was ordered in their names.
Ferraro was released from jail after posting $150,000 unsecured bond.
The charge of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.