Hero NJ Transit bus driver helps pedestrian struck by car

A New Jersey Transit bus driver is being called a hero for helping a pedestrian that was struck by a car.
The crash happened near the intersection of Boulevard and Williams streets in Hasbrouck Heights around 8 a.m. Tuesday.
“A car was coming from my right, making a left on to Boulevard. And it came through the intersection and struck a pedestrian,” says bus driver Ruben Valle.
Valley says that after he witnessed the crash he parked his bus, asked his passengers to call 911 and then ran to help the victim.
“I told him to stay still because he appeared to be trying to move,” says Valle.
When other people showed up, Valle says that he grabbed some cones from the bus and created a safety perimeter around the site. He then directed traffic until first responders arrived.
“There was a lot of traffic coming through. People were honking because there were still cars that wanted to get by, especially at that time of the morning. So my priority was to try to make it as safe as possible,” he says.
Valle says that he used to be an EMT, which coupled with emergency training he received with NJ Transit, helped to prepare him for this type of situation.
Valle’s boss, NJ Transit garage manager Michael Williams, says that he isn’t surprised that Valley jumped into action.
"He's pretty much a good example of what we do right here at NJ Transit and what our operators are all about,” Williams says.
“You see a human being in trouble or distressed, you need to help,” Valle says.
The victim’s condition was not released. But Valle says that he was conscious when taken away by ambulance.