HEAT ALERT: Temperatures remain high; tracking Thursday night storms

Temperatures will remain dangerously warm in New Jersey, with daytime highs mostly in the mid-90s over the next few days.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Dave Curren says he is also tracking the potential for severe storms Thursday night going into Friday.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear skies. Overnight lows cool to the low-70s.
THURSDAY: Plenty of sunshine during the day, with potential for temperatures to reach the upper-90s or low-100s. There is the potential for storms to develop during the nighttime hours going into Friday.
FRIDAY: Potential for severe thunderstorms in the morning. Daytime highs expected to be around 96 degrees. Overnight lows expected to cool to the mid-70s.
SATURDAY: More potential for thunderstorms. Daytime highs around 91 degrees. Overnight lows around 75 degrees.
SUNDAY: Mix of sun and clouds, with the potential for some rain. Daytime highs around the mid-90s. Overnight lows cool only slightly to around 77 degrees.