HEAT ALERT: Scorcher in New Jersey to bring temps in the 90s this week

Temperatures will reach above 90 for the rest of the week across parts of New Jersey.

Dave Curren

Jun 17, 2024, 10:57 AM

Updated 24 days ago


National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory through tomorrow and an excessive heat watch Wednesday possibly through Saturday.
Our first foray into lengthy summer heat started this afternoon as temps reached into the upper 80s and lower 90s. There was a slight breeze and the humidity wasn't too terrible this afternoon. Today was bearable. Pleasant heat, if you will.
This all changes tomorrow. Southerly winds will lessen but still carry the Carolina humid air up the coast very slowly. Sunshine will beat down on the Jersey landscape and immediately start warming things up into the low-90s. It will feel like 95 to 100 in some spots.
The heat will continue to build for the rest of the week.
The hottest stretch will be Thursday and Friday. Not only will some neighborhoods along the Interstate 95 and Route 1 corridor reach for triple digits, this combined with the humidity and now we have a noxious combination that will feel like over 105 degrees.
When can we expect some relief? Not for a while. It's possible a storm system will move in late Sunday with some showers that will provide cloud coverage and rain to bring the air temperature back down to the upper-80s. This "cool down" is short-lived. More heat is in the forecast next week as well.
The official start of the summer is this Thursday. The heat y'all wanted this past winter - IT'SSSSSS HEEEEEEERRRREEEEEEEEE!

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