Heads up -- Premium parking in this Jersey Shore town could double

Premium parking along Belmar's boardwalk could double from $1 to $2 an hour because the town is not meeting parking fund goals.

Back in April, a court order ruled raising the beachfront parking fees from $1 to $2 was illegal. 
The court found the previous administration used the extra revenue for its general fund, not for parking and beach reasons following Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
The meters were switched back to $1 an hour.
But Belmar Administrator Ed Kirshenbaum says that's left them with a parking budget shortfall of nearly 40 percent. 
Before raising the prices back to $2, they want to make sure they're not violating that court order. They also want to keep Belmar a bargain for the tens of thousands of people who come each summer. 
An ordinance to raise the parking fees on the boardwalk back to $2 will be removed from Tuesday night’s council agenda.
Kershenbaum says he will be meeting with the mayor and finance officer of the town today to see if any options are still on the table besides hiking the parking fees back to $2 an hour.