‘He had the best heart.’ Family of NJ native killed in Hamas attack calls him a hero

A family with ties to New Jersey is mourning the loss of their loved one who was killed in the Hamas attack in Israel last Saturday.
“I don’t have the words to imagine how I feel,” says Dana Glisko.
Glisko says she cannot describe her heartbreak after her cousin Itay Glisko was killed. Itay Glisko was part of the Israeli army.
“He was such a great kid. Such a great kid. He had the best heart I’ve ever known.
Before his family moved abroad, Itay Glisko classed New Jersey home. Dana Glisko says her cousin was born at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood and lived in Fair Lawn early on in his life.
She says that what made her cousin special was his kindness.
“Everyone who needs some help, he was the first to jump and volunteer,” Glisko says.
She says her cousin volunteered to cover another soldier’s shift on Saturday.
“He wasn’t supposed to be on this shift. He was supposed to be home. His friend told him that he needed someone to replace him,” Glisko says. “Itay told him, ‘I’ll replace you and I’ll go instead of you.’”
Itay Glisko was in his room when Hamas terrorists stormed the base.
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Dana Glisko says her cousin was able to reach her brother via WhatsApp and told him that there were terrorists on the base.
“He told him that he helped all his friends because they got hurt. They got shot,” Glisko says. “And he told my brother that he thinks he’s going to die…and he didn’t survive.”
The 20-year-old didn’t run and hide, he fought, according to the family. Dana Glisko called her cousin a hero.
“Our heart is broken. We cry all the time. We need to stay together to stick together to stay strong for him,” she says.
Many other New Jersey natives were also in Israel when the attack happened. Gov. Phil Murphy confirmed on Thursday that 20-year-old Hopewell native Lior Abramov was also among those killed in the attack.