Haledon man faces charges for Giants parade mayhem

A Passaic County man is facing charges for allegedly engaging in some out-of-control antics while celebrating the Giants' Super Bowl win.
Police say 21-year-old Jaime Aponte, of Haledon, was arrested for taking part in the fanatic attack on a taxi cab and undercover police vehicle Tuesday. According to police, the mob smashed the vehicles and kicked in their windows.
A cell phone video of the attack has been posted on YouTube. Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire says the video is clear enough to show the faces of some suspects. McGuire believes the video will be admissible as evidence.
"They've taken it to the worst, N-th degree into vandalism ... and destruction of property," says McGuire.
The NYPD either arrested or issued summonses to 21 people during the team's victory parade.