Hackettstown mom petitions school board for better security

A Hackettstown mother is petitioning the school board for better security in the wake of several high-profile mass shootings.
Jamie Cavanagh says that she wants door-locking systems installed on every classroom door in the district. She says that this would keep students and teachers safer during a lockdown.
"I think we need to take action as parents and step forward and present solutions to enhance things,” Cavanagh says.
Cavanagh says she would like to see the district use locking systems such as “Nightlock,” which hooks into the floor and will prevent the door from opening.
“They range between $60-$70 per door,” Cavanagh says.
Cavanagh petitioned the school board Wednesday night to ask for permission to start fundraising to buy the locks. She says that the district no longer budgets for security guards in the elementary and middle schools, but only in the high school.
Cavanagh says that the will probably need to raise $20,000 to buy all the locks. The Hackettstown school superintendent said that the idea will be discussed.
Gov. Phil Murphy says that New Jersey parents should expected to see more police in schools and easier access to reporting people who may be a threat.