Group restores oyster reef in Bronx River

A Bronx River oyster reef restoration project is taking place in the Bronx.
The project is being led by NY/NJ Baykeeper and NYC Parks.
Volunteers and workers perform hands-on monitoring of the oyster reef in the Bronx River.
The groups collect data and use it to improve the health of the oyster eco-system of the waters and revitalize a community that is native to the area.
Organizers say the effort is bringing life back to the river. 
"We planted subtitle shell and we added live oysters to it and we have them in little baskets that we pick up. We want to see if the oysters can bring back the community of other animal species to the water," Allison Fitzgerald, program coordinator, says.   
Each monitoring session takes about three to four hours.
The group says it is always looking for volunteers.