Grab the popcorn: Mayor gives green light for pop-up drive-in movie theater in NJ town

Movie theaters remain closed in New Jersey and all around the country, but for residents in Jackson, the movies may make a return, but in a different place – pop ups.
Pop-up drive-ins may be the only way to watch a movie on the big screen in the state for the foreseeable future. 
“Morale of the town needs to come up, people need to be excited, bring up day after day and bringing their families out to do socially conscious and respectful things without getting on top of each other like a movie theater,” says PJ Windle, of “Back to the Movies Drive-ins.”
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Windle found himself out of work at his self-run DJ and party entertainment business. He then realized the potential, and reality, of bringing Hollywood to a town near you.
“So, I bring a 32-foot screen,” says Windle. “I bring an extremely high-quality projector we cast that right into your car with an FM transmitter so you can get your audio right into your car.”

Johnson Memorial Park is where it could make its debut as soon as the end of May. Some residents say they would welcome the throwback entertainment.
“They used to have drive-in movie theaters years ago and it was always so much fun to bring the kids and popcorn and the car and have fun, and it's a great idea,” says Gail Raspa.

Mayor Michael Reina agrees, saying, “What a great way to get back into life, enjoying time with family while maintaining safe and responsible social distancing. We are very much looking forward to having this happen!" He has given the green light to move forward.

Windle says there would also be social distance compliant food trucks, concessions, and portable restrooms.