Gov. Murphy tours mega-vaccine site at New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison

Gov. Phil Murphy took a tour this morning of one of the six New Jersey mega-vaccine sites, set up for mass vaccinations against COVID-19, at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison.
The governor visited Rowan College in Gloucester County earlier this week, and one week ago today, he was at a former Sears department store in Morris County.
There are three other sites in Atlantic, Bergen and Burlington counties. In all, vaccines are available at more than 100 locations across the state, but people need an appointment as well as fit the eligibility requirements that were expanded earlier in the week to include anyone over 65 or those under 65 with a chronic condition. The governor, still, admits there’s a long way to go.
“We still don’t have enough supply out of the feds,” says Gov. Murphy. “We take some solace on the projections particularly now that the Biden team are making in terms out of supply out of the feds.”
But he remains hopeful. He says with the proper infrastructure in place and five other mega vaccination sites already up and running, as well as an additional 100 vaccine locations around the state, New Jersey will be ready once there are enough available doses for everyone.
“I think if we get the manufacturing that they are expecting to get on both the current vaccines, as well as we’re not really giving ourselves any amount of degrees of freedom from vaccines that are not yet approved with their emergency use authorization which could include, by the way, New Jersey’s own Johnson and Johnson,” says Gov. Murphy.
The state says more than 300,000 total vaccine doses have been administered so far, with the majority being first doses.
“We cracked through 300,000 shots in the arm yesterday afternoon and it’s going up by the minute,” says Gov. Murphy.
Gov. Murphy has said for people who want to get a shot to be patient. They probably won’t be available to the general public until April or May.