Gov. Murphy signs into law what he calls the nation’s strongest environmental justice measure

Gov. Phil Murphy, joined by Sen. Cory Booker, signed into law this morning what they say is the nation's strongest environmental justice measure.
Murphy and Booker were joined by other state and environmental leaders in Newark's Tichenor Park to outline the legislation.
“This law will bring with it a seed change and how government looks at its ultimate responsibility -- to ensure the rights of its people to clean air and clean water, to a better quality of life, to inclusive economic opportunity and for a better life period,” says Gov. Murphy.
The law directs the state DEP to deny or condition certain permits due to cumulative, disproportionate impacts of pollution in what's known as environmental justice communities such as Newark and Camden.
“We see champions around us on the state level that it decided to make this state, the great state of New Jersey, the beacon of hope and example for the entire United States about what it means to stand up for communities that you often do not have folks that are willing to stand up for them,” says Sen. Booker.
Key provisions of the law include defining overburdened communities as those with significant of color, non-English speaking or low-income populations.