Gov. Murphy: New Jersey schools should be all in-person in fall; no option for remote learning

Gov. Phil Murphy says there should be no option for remote learning, and all students should be back in-person when the new school year starts in September.
Gov. Murphy said unless there's a big resurgence of COVID-19, the state’s school districts should move ahead with Monday-through-Friday in-person instruction.
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In total, 90 districts remain all-remote -- last week it was 98. Exactly 534 are using a hybrid method, that number remained the same. One more district moved to an in-person learning, bringing that total to 143, and 44 are using a combination of the methods – seven more than a week ago.
When it comes to next school year though, Gov. Murphy wants the breakdown to be non-existent. He says by the fall; all students should be in classrooms and that schools will not be able to offer parents the option of virtual learning.
"We want to be, I want to be unequivocal about this,” says Gov. Murphy. “We are expecting Monday through Friday in person, every school, every district. Obviously if the world goes sideways, we have to revisit that but as of this sitting, the answer's no."
He spoke during a news conference Wednesday in Trenton and also announced new Health Department guidelines for schools.
The new guidance calls for allowing full-time, in-person education now if masking and frequent hand-washing can be maintained. It also calls for a 3-foot distance between students in the classroom.
AP wire services helped contribute to this report.