Going for the gold: Freehold gymnastic team is a force to be reckoned with

In a sport that demands perfection with every move, one can’t do much better than the Freehold Township High School gymnastics team.
The team has won three straight state championships – the first public school to accomplish this feat in New Jersey
“In our section alone, five teams went to the state finals, so that shows how tough it is to win our division and Shore Conference,” says assistant coach Carlee Sobotka. “They have a lot of talent to go up against.”
Sobotka, along with head coach Ashley Montgomery, took over the program three years ago and turned it into the team that it is today.
“The coaches are really rough on us but we have to keep going even if we have a bad day or have a lot of homework. We still have to push through and do all our skills,” says sophomore Jenelle Cloud.
The team members say that the team is a family.
“Not only do you need to be so talented, but the girls that don’t compete…just them there cheering for us makes us so much better,” says junior Julia Rogers.
The girls say that they practice 25 hours a week. Many say that they hope to continue their gymnastics careers in college.