Glen Ridge police bust large mailbox-theft ring

Glen Ridge police have busted a large mailbox-theft ring allegedly responsible for stealing over $100,000.
Police say that officers pulled over two men early Monday morning and found 24 letters containing checks worth $116,000. Officers say that the men have stolen letters from U.S. Postal Service mailboxes in several towns, including Glen Ridge, Bloomfield and Wayne.
“They found tools used commonly to go into these mailboxes and steal mail,” says Glen Ridge Police Capt. Sean Quinn. “Being that it was tax day, check amounts were higher than we normally see.”
Police would not provide many details about how the men allegedly broke into the mailboxes. But commonly ways include using shoelaces with sticky material attached to “fish” out letters. Some newer mailboxes have security measures to prevent that from happening, but they are not yet widespread.
Police say that five men are now facing charges related to the crimes and they expected to make another 10 arrests in the near-future.
The thefts have been reported in 13 townships throughout Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties.
Police say that any person who needs to mail anything of value should do so inside a post office or mail it when it is close to collection time.
The thieves are expected to face federal charges in addition to charges of theft from local police.